If you've been paying attention to entertainment news in the last couple of days (which has been tough with the rising gas prices), you know that General Aladeen, The Dictator from the great Republic of Wadiya, has been banned from appearing at this Sunday's 84th Academy Awards Telecast. Sacha Baron Cohen, the alter ego and comedic mastermind behind Aladeen, is welcome to the ceremony, as long as he dresses in his appropriate tuxedo. The actor has frowned at that, and along with Paramount Pictures, has decided instead to use this as a promotional push for The Dictator's May 11th release. Appearing in full costume as General Aladeen on this morning's NBC TODAY Show, Sacha Baron Cohen responded to the ban, applauding the MPAA for taking away his Freedom of Speech, and making claims that Hilary Swank has refused to refund her $2 million escort fee. You can check out the full video below.