Val Kilmer took to his Reddit account to share a video himself and his Doors co-stars rehearsing at L.A.'s legendary Whiskey a Go Go circa 1990. The short one-minute clip shows the actors performing The Doors' classic song "L.A. Woman" in the darkly lit Whiskey. Oliver Stone's The Doors received mixed reviews from critics and fans of the band upon its release in 1991, even the surviving band members were unhappy with the finished product. Doors members Robby Krieger, John Densmore, and Ray Manzarek were brought on as technical advisors on the movie, but claim that Oliver Stone often ignored their input in favor of his own retelling of history. One bright spot that critics and fans could agree upon was Val Kilmer's portrayal of Doors frontman Jim Morrison.

Val Kilmer originally uploaded the rehearsal footage to his YouTube account almost three years ago and shared the link today on his Val Kilmer Reddit account. In addition to sharing the video, Kilmer also replied to fan inquiries while sharing anecdotes about playing the legendary singer over 26 years ago. For instance, a fan recalls not being able to tell the difference between Kilmer and Morrison for years. Kilmer replies with this.

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"It boggles me to this day to seeing people with a tattoo of me playing him and not knowing it isn't Jim. It happens more than you think."

Another fan compliments Kilmer on his accurate physical portrayal of Morrison while crediting the movie to losing his virginity. Kilmer laughs and responds with this.

"Glad I could help! Ha!! I had to work at it of course. I do sing, but singing like the Lizard King is unique experience unto itself."

The short clip definitely shows Kilmer singing Morrison's parts live, but it is unclear if the rest of the actors are actually playing their instruments during the rehearsal. Kilmer mentions that Kevin Dillon did know how to play some drums, but that he "tutored up" when he got the role. Elsewhere in the Reddit discussion Kilmer answers what a commenter should have for lunch, encourages Real Genius puns, and whether or not Alfred found chicken nuggets and sauce cups in the Batmobile.

Kilmer has said in the past that he wasn't that big of a Doors fan before he took the part, but that changed by the time filming had wrapped. In fact, Kilmer got so far into his role that he apparently had to receive therapy to get out of character. Kilmer learned over 20 Doors songs in a studio and spent hours interviewing Doors producer Paul Rothchild to get into the role. By the end of production Kilmer had the cast and crew referring to him as Jim as he copied the way that he walked and talked. It has even been reported that the surviving members of the band couldn't tell the difference between recordings of Kilmer singing and Morrison's versions. I'd take that nugget of info with a grain of salt though...

Kilmer has been using social media a lot lately and it's a pretty weird experience to see him interact with his fans on Reddit or Twitter. There was much talk of Batman, Real Genius, and of course The Doors, but surprisingly nobody brought up Top Gun 2 aside for calling Kilmer the Iceman. So while we didn't learn of any Top Gun 2 news, we did learn that Kilmer takes his lunchtime selections very carefully.