The Dukes of Hazzard: Get ready for action – Hazzard County style – when Warner Home Video releases The Dukes of Hazzard: The Complete First Season on June 1st. Released for the first time ever on DVD, the 3-disc collection of the action packed and hilarious TV series includes approximately 637 minutes from 13 episodes, in addition to never-before-seen special features. The Dukes of Hazzard: The Complete First Season is available for $39.98 SRP.

The Dukes of Hazzard follows the adventures of the Duke boys, cousins Bo Duke (John Schneider) and Luke Duke (Tom Wopat), and their curvaceous cousin Daisy Duke (Catherine Bach), as they cavort around the small town of Hazzard County in the hills of Georgia. The Dukes’ Uncle Jesse (Denver Pyle), formerly the best moonshine runner in Hazzard County, makes a deal with the government to stop the family trade in exchange for keeping the family out of jail.

Nevertheless, the Dukes have a knack for getting into trouble, which usually involve run-ins with the crooked county boss, Boss Hogg (Sorrell Booke) and the town sheriff, Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane (James Best). With crazy car chases and wrecks, blundering sheriffs and money-hungry politicians, Hazzard County quickly became the wildest and wackiest destination on television.

“The hilarious antics of the residents of Hazzard County made The Dukes of Hazzard one of television’s most enjoyable and beloved series,” said Christine Martinez, WHV Vice President, Non-theatrical Franchise Marketing. “Dukes is a true piece of television history and we are thrilled to be releasing this set which will become the ultimate collector’s item for TV fans.”

The Dukes of Hazzard debuted in January of 1979 and was an instant success. A staple of CBS’s Friday night lineup, the show was a Top 20 CBS series for six of its seven seasons on air. Dukes held the #1 spot in its time period across those six seasons, making it one of the most popular television series of all time.

Disappointed Dukes devotees everywhere said good-bye to Hazzard County when the last episode aired in 1985, but The Dukes of Hazzard fan support is still strong, with hundreds of websites and products devoted to the legendary series. The show subsequently aired in syndication, recently on The Nashville Network (now Spike TV).

In addition to all 13 episodes from the entire first season, The Dukes of Hazzard: The Complete First Season contains never-before-seen special features, including:

- The 20th Anniversary Hazzard County Barbeque reunion documentary, including cast members Catherine Bach, John Schneider, James Best, Sonny Shroyer, Ben Jones, Peggy Rea, and Rick Hurst and director Paul Baxley

- Dukes Driving 101: A High Octane Salute featurette, including interviews with professional racecar drivers Matt Kenseth (2003 NASCAR champion), Rusty Wallace, Larry Foyt, Robby Gordon, Jason Leffler, and Greg Biffle.

- Cast Audio Commentary by John Schneider and Catherine Bach on the pilot episode