Lights Out Entertainment is proud to present.........THE DVD DUNGEON! That's right people. After months of promising, the DVD DUNGEON has finally arrived. Although there isn't much in the Dungeon right now, I can garuntee by the end of today, tomorrow, and forever, The DVD Dungeon is going to control your every digital thought and dream! don't delay any further...get trapped in the Dungeon RIGHT NOW! CLICK HERE

Another feature that has made it's way to Lights Out today is javascript:;|Pop-Up News! What is it you ask? Well, with so much news moving through Lights Out all day, everyday, we decided to make it easy for you to keep up with the latest.

Each day when you come to Lights Out launch javascript:;|Pop-Up News. The window that opens lists all of the latest news happening at Lights Out. Keep the window open or hidden the whole time you stay online...the wondow refreshes itself every 5 minutes so that you don't miss one single bit of news hitting Lights Out! Enjoy! javascript:;|Click here to launch!

Stay tuned for more! ~Brian