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The day has finally come! After months and months of work on the the backend of end of the site, Lights Out Entertainment is proud to present the very first of many new features.

Ladies, gentlemen, and movie geeks from around the world, welcome to Lights Out's DVD Dungeon!

The DVD Dungeon has been completely revamped from the inside out. From DVD easter egg listings, reviews, news, rumors, and release dates, we're sporting all kinds of new features for you to sink your teeth into. In fact, there is so much new stuff going on with the DVD Dungeon, you better sit down and prepare yourself for the rush.

Let's talk about the features...

The DVD Database: Our DVD database is huge already and it's growing every day! In fact, our database is so big, we wanted to give you, our viewers, an easy way to find the content you're looking for. After a ton of hard work we are proud to announce the ultimate power in the universe.


After a ton of research, we found most sites to be very lacking when it came to search capabilities, especially when trying to find DVD easter eggs! So, we decided to spend some major time doing it right. Whether you're searching for DVD easter eggs, DVD News/Rumors, DVD Reviews, or DVD Features lists, we've made it extremely easy to do with our new innovative system. You will not be disappointed! Try it out today!

News & Rumors: Listing all of the latest updates in the different sections of the dungeon, this is the core. In addition, this is the main area you'll find the hottest DVD news and rumors circulating through out the world. Keep your eyes peeled to this page for exclusive features, contests, and tons of other special DVD related jargon!

New Archive: You will not miss a beat with the most comprehensive news archive on the planet. You have complete access to every news article ever posted. See for yourself!

DVD Reviews: Need to find out how a particular DVD stands up before slapping your hard earned cash down on the table? Yeah, we thought so. Welcome to our official DVD reviews, written by guys who buy them!

DVD Easter Eggs: We've got hundreds of hidden DVD secrets already revealed in The DVD Dungeon, and our list is growing every day! We'll let you know EXACTLY how to find those hidden easter eggs that the studio is trying to hide from you! You will not be deprived any longer!

Also, if you find any easter eggs yourself and we don't have them listed, let us know! We'll post your egg and give you all of the glorified credit! Impress your friends, find those eggs, and get recognized!

DVD Easter Egg Sender: This is a brand new feature we've implemented that I think many of you will absolutely love. Find an easter egg list for a particular DVD in The DVD Dungeon, then send that list of eggs directly to a friend! Your friends will thank you for it.

DVD Release Dates: Another brand new feature to the DVD Dungeon...DVD release dates! Going shopping this Tuesday for some new DVDs? Find out exactly what to pick up! We're now listing release dates for titles through 2003!

There are 3 release lists to choose from. You just have to decide how broad you want the spectrum to be:

- DVD Releases By Week

- DVD Releases By Month

- DVD Releases By Year

Check the release section often for VERY frequent updates!

DVD Details: Clicking on any release from the Release Date section and you'll get the full feature list run down of what's exactly on that DVD! Search DVD titles in the search engine to find out every little detail about the disc in question!

Box Art: While viewing any DVD's features list you'll also see a link to "see larger image". Click this link to see the Hi-Resolution box art for that DVD release!

DVD Purchases: In association with our trusted DVD resaler,, we are proud to present the ability to order, as well as pre-order all DVD titles. Underneath each Box Art graphic on every DVD page, you'll find a "Buy It At Amazon" graphic. Click the link to add that particular DVD directly to your Amazon shopping cart! It doesn't get easier then that!

Home Theater Forums: Our fresh new forum is pretty new, but we're gaining new members all the time! Express yourself about the latest DVDs, eggs, reviews, equipment, glitches, bargains, or anything else you can possibly want to talk about! Become an old school forum member while the board is still new!

And there you have it! Lights Out's DVD Dungeon! We hope you finding it as appealing as we do!

We want to hear your feedback! Let us know what you think of the new design and how it all works together! If you find a bug, something not working, or you just wanna let us know that you think something should work another way, LET US KNOW!!! We want to hear from you!

Mail all your comments to: [email protected]

OR post your comments to our new forums! CLICK HERE

And If you're interested in becoming part of the unpaid team here at Lights Out, we're gonna be looking for some new people really soon. Drop Brian a line if you're interested!

Stay tuned to DVD! Have fun..