The Walking Dead producer Gale Anne Hurd is teaming up with New Franchise Media for a TV adaptation of Jeffrey Archer's novel The Eleventh Commandment. Here's what Gale Anne Hurd had to say about the acquisition in a statement.

"Jeffrey Archer's storytelling is compelling, character driven and perfect for television - full of fast-paced, high-stakes danger."

A writer has not been attached to adapt this novel for the small screen as of yet. Here's the official description of The Eleventh Commandment novel.

"In The Eleventh Commandment, Connor Fitzgerald is the CIA's most deadly assassin, hiding the details of his career from his family. Only days from his retirement from the Agency, he comes across an enemy he cannot handle, the Director of the CIA, bent on making Connor the fall guy for a phony assassination on a Russian presidential candidate that could inadvertently trigger World War III."

It isn't known if the project is being shopped around to the networks as of yet.