Elf: According to The Hollywood Reporter, From the introduction of DVDs in the late 1990s, New Line Home Entertainment has been at the forefront of crafting bonus materials, and Tuesday's release of Elf brings bonus features to a new level, according to NLHE executives.

The main difference between the Elf DVD and the Lord of the Rings DVDs is that the extras on Rings DVDs are designed to bring the viewer more into the film, whereas the bonus features and especially the interactivity of the Elf DVD with all of its games and beyond-the-movie features make it more of a toy, NLHE vp content development Michael Mulvihill said.

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Mulvihill said that the Elf DVD menu was designed to act like a children's pop-up book, using tabs that the viewer pulls by remote control to access several set-top games including "The Race Down Mt. Icing," "Snowball Fight" and "Fix Santa's Sleigh" as well as several DVD-ROM games. The Elf DVD also is the first to offer what it calls "Film School for Kids," produced by veteran DVD features maker Laura Nix, co-president of Automat Pictures.