If there's one thing that genre filmmaking is good for, it's being able to turn just about anything into a horror movie. Especially when you consider the surprising amount of horror movies that have been centered on Christmas over the years. 2017 brings us yet another Christmas slasher flick and, this time, someone has managed to turn The Elf on the Shelf into a horror movie with The Elf.

Now, in fairness, they can't call the doll in The Elf an "Elf on the Shelf," since that is a copyrighted thing, but this movie is clearly playing on what has become a holiday season staple in many homes. The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition started as a children's holiday book and has gone on to become a major Christmas fixture. The logline for the movie boasts confidently about the movie, saying, "If Pennywise warmed the cockles of your heart, and if you feel Chucky is the gift that keeps on giving, reward yourself with some quality time with The Elf!" This movie will in no way be on par with IT, or even Cult of Chucky, but the concept alone at least makes this first teaser trailer worth a watch and makes this movie one of the more interesting 2017 horror movies coming out.

In The Elf, Nick is haunted by night terrors stemming from a tragic murder he saw when he was young. After inheriting an old toy shop, he discovers a cursed elf doll sealed inside an ancient chest with a naughty list of his family's names written on it. He soon discovers that the elf was an evil conduit meant to unleash a supernatural killing spree during the Christmas Holidays by whoever set it free.

The footage itself definitely looks like a low-budget horror movie, but it certainly evokes some Leprechaun and Child's Play vibes, with the added bonus of a Christmas setting. The movie comes from the mind of Justin Price, who serves as the writer/director for The Elf. The trailer is unquestionably cheesy, but this could be worth a watch with some friends this holiday season, after you've had a few cups of eggnog anyway. The movie stars Natassia Halabi, Les Best, and Joseph Daniel Ellis.

Could we be looking at the next, bloody Christmas cult classic? Will this be the new Black Christmas? Probably not, but that could make for a fun, if ridiculous, double feature. If you're feeling eager to see more of The Elf, the movie arrives on digital platforms starting November 7. If you feel compelled to own the movie for yourself, The Elf is set for release on Blu-ray/DVD on December 5. So be sure to put it on your Christmas list. You can check out the first trailer for The Elf, courtesy of Bloody Disgusting, for yourself below.