Things continue to look bad for Ellen DeGeneres. The comedian and talk show host has faced an onslaught of allegations that paint a toxic workplace culture behind the scenes of her long-running The Ellen DeGeneres Show. It turns out these reports have had a hugely negative impact on the show's ratings as well, as the numbers have taken a steep dive in recent weeks, hitting a new all-time low.

According to a new report, reruns of Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show that ran the week ending on July 26 saw a 29 percent dip when compared to the same week last summer. The show saw a 1.0 in the live plus same day household ratings. For the sake of comparison, Dr. Phil was ahead of the pack with a 1.8 rating, while Live With Kelly and Ryan pulled in a 1.6 and Maury had a 1.1. This is the first time that Maury topped Ellen since 2016. At the time, DeGeneres' talk show was removed from ratings consideration due because of the Rio Summer Olympics. Point being, this is a sizable dip.

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It is important to mention that these ratings are for reruns as the show is currently on summer hiatus. Virtually all daytime talk shows are seeing ratings slump at the moment, which is common for this time of year. But the severity of the plunge in regards to Ellen is truly remarkable even when taking that into account.

The ratings dip lines up with a bombshell BuzzFeed report that detailed a toxic work environment, as painted by current and former staffers. Ellen Degeneres was accused of "microaggressions" against employees, while others painted here as rude and mean. A follow-up report made matters much worse, as several of the show's key producers were accused of sexual misconduct. While DeGeneres was not herself accused of any sexual harassment or misconduct, because it is her show and these were close members of her staff, many have called for her to shoulder the blame. Aside from the reports, various other people such as comedian Kevin Porter and TV writer Ben Simeon, among others, have come forward to corroborate the characterizations of not only the workplace environment, but of DeGeneres.

Some prominent voices, such as Kevin Hart and Katy Perry, have come forward to defend Ellen DeGeneres. Be that as it may, there is much that needs to be addressed moving forward. DeGeneres issued an apology to her staff and WarnerMedia, the studio behind the long-running show, has launched an internal investigation. Staffing changes are expected to take place, with longtime producer Ed Glavin expected to leave his post.

Rumors swirled that Ellen DeGeneres would be replaced. However, it was recently confirmed that she will indeed be returning for The Ellen DeGeneres Show season 18, which is set to debut in September. Even so, #ReplaceEllen began trending on social media recently with a wide array of suggestions being put forth. This news comes to us via The Wrap.