A re-built $50 million body wasn't enough to save Jamie Somers from her ultimate fate - cancellation. Hollywood.com reports that NBC has decided to end production on Bionic Woman.

Bionic Woman debuted strong, with nearly 14 million viewers for the first episode of the show, however by the eighth (and final) episode, viewership had dropped to just under 6 million viewers.

Production on the series had been suspended in November due to the WGA strike, leaving the cast and crew of the show to wonder about the ultimate fate of the show. But it now looks like Bionic Woman will join Journeyman on the list of freshman shows to be scrapped by NBC.

An inside source said "This is devastating news for the cast. They loved working on the program. Michelle (Ryan) is going to be very upset. This was a huge break for her--a chance in a lifetime. The show has been criticized. People complained about the poor storylines. But the writers have hardly any time to work with the characters. They were just getting used to them."