Writer Dean Lorey has confirmed that the entire main cast of Arrested Development is returning for an all-new season of the cult series, including actors Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, Jeffrey Tambor, David Cross, Michael Cera, Portia de Rossi, Tony Hale, Alia Shawkat, and Jessica Walter.

Season 4 of the former Fox series will debut exclusively on Netflix sometime in 2013. Dean Lorey, who is one of the original writers of the one-canceled first-camera sitcom, also confirmed that series creators Mitch Hurwitz and Jim Vallely are back at work. Production on these new episodes is already underway, but the shooting schedule is under wraps. He does confirm that there are offices up and running, and that certain members of the team have their official parking spaces.

Here is what Dean Lorey had to say.

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"We're really doing this thing. Mitch Hurwitz, Jim Vallely and I are off writing the new season of Arrested to premiere on Netflix in 2013. The original cast is back. There are offices and parking spaces. We're shooting this year. I wish I could give more specifics but, for the moment, even the schedule is being kept under wraps. But it's happening and it's great to be back with my pals from the show. More later as it becomes okay to release further details..."

The Bluths will be returning more than five years after their three season run on Fox ended in 2006. Mitch Hurwitz announced the series return in /arrested-development-returns-with-new-episodes-on-netflix/October of 2011 during a panel for the show at the New Yorker Festival.

Arrested Development Season 4 will consist of ten new episodes, followed by Arrested Development the movie.