Keanu Reeves is reportedly in talks to join the cast of The Eternals. The mysterious Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 4 movie is currently finalizing its cast, which already includes Angelina Jolie, Kumail Nanjiani, Ma Dong-seok, and Richard Madden. Spider-Man: Far From Home will officially wrap Phase 3 next month and it is believed The Eternals and the Black Widow standalone movie will be the projects to kick off Phase 4 next year, though that has yet to be officially confirmed at this time.

According to sources, Keanu Reeves and Marvel Studios are currently in negotiations for the actor to join the MCU. It is unknown which role the John Wick 3 actor is in talks for and the negotiations are said to be in the very early stages. Since this news comes from an anonymous source, we're going to have to treat it as a rumor for the time being. Marvel Studios has reportedly tried to get Reeves on board before, most notably in this year's Captain Marvel for the Yon-Rogg role. Reeves has also expressed interest in another Constantine movie.

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Keanu Reeves has expressed interest in jumping on board another comic book movie and has publicly praised the MCU in interviews. It is believed he had to turn down Captain Marvel due to schedule conflicts with John Wick 3, which is currently tearing up the box office. MCU fans have been waiting to see Reeves join the ranks too, so this could potentially be some pretty huge news. Marvel Studios is expected to announce some future plans this summer at San Diego Comic-Con and D23, which is when we will more than likely learn who has been cast in The Eternals.

As for The Eternals fitting into the current MCU, that is also unknown at this time. This hasn't stopped fans from trying to theorize what will happen in the upcoming movie. A new theory being floated around involves the Celestials using the Infinity Stones to create the Eternals. Apparently the Celestials have been using the stones to run experiments on the people of Earth. It's an intriguing theory, which would go a long way in tying The Eternals to the current state of the MCU, but it's just a theory for now.

Keanu Reeves joined the cast of Toy Story 4 as Duke Caboom, which is his next big screen project. The actor may have been able to get closer to Marvel Studios by working with Disney on the animated family movie. Reeves has expressed interest in playing Wolverine before, so this could end up finally happening this time around. We'll just have to wait and see. With that being said, John Wick 4 already has a release date of May 21st, 2021, so if this is the real deal, the studio is going to have to get cameras rolling on The Eternals sooner rather than later. This news comes to us from MCU Cosmic.