Actress Jane Levy, the star of ABC's new comedy series Suburgatory, is in talks to portray the female lead in The Evil Dead remake. We reported last month that Lily Collins was forced to drop out of the remake, due to scheduling issues.

Jane Levy will play Mia, who heads up to a remote cabin with a group of friends, just after she recently overdosed on drugs. The trip takes a turn for the worse when a maelvelont spirit is unleashed after The Book of the Dead is read from. It is also said that Mia "corresponds" to Bruce Campbell's Ash character from the original The Evil Dead. The casting follows yesterday's news that Shiloh Fernandez will portray the male lead.

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Federico Alvarez is directing The Evil Dead from a script he co-wrote with Rodolfo Sayagues. Diablo Cody also provided a rewrite on the script.

No production schedule was released for The Evil Dead