Jane Levy recently picked up the slack after Lily Collins dropped out as the female lead of Federico Alvarez's The Evil Dead remake, basically taking on the role of Ash (Bruce Campbell), which is getting a gender twist this time out.

The actress recently spoke out about the movie for the first time, revealing herself as a huge fan of the original, saying that this new version would be light on humor, and that all participating parties are looking to make a dark, gory horror outing.

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"I'm so excited. I'm a big fan of the original. To me it's the scariest movie, ever. But this one is really different. They've changed it a lot, but it's still a pretty gory movie. My mom probably can't see it. I think the humor in the first one came from the special effects of the time. I don't know that they meant it to be funny...This one is not funny. It's definitely dark."

Bruce Campbell was also on hand to offer a mild spoiler, this time coming at the material from a producer's point-of-view.

"You can expect to have a damn scary horror movie. There's no Ash character -- The Evil Book is going to torment a new set of kids, so it's a remake, or a re-imagining or ... a re-whatever word you want to use. It's going to be re-scary. [The Trees are back]... They're not terribly well behaved this time either. (laughs)"