You can watch three popular horror films in high-definition this July. The Exorcism of Emily Rose, I Know What You Did Last Summer and Urban Legend are all getting a Blu-Ray upgrade on July 22. Each disc will be priced at $28.95 SRP. Details on each disc can be found below.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

Attorney Erin Bruner (Linney) takes on both church and state when she is assigned to defend a priest (Wilkinson) in court. The prosecution alleges murder, but the priest denies any wrongdoing, claiming the young victim needed spiritual help with her demons and that she died after he performed an exorcism. Through the course of the trial Bruner must piece together the turn of events-all seemingly logical, but still eerily supernatural-that led to the death of Emily Rose (Jennifer Carpenter, D.E.B.S., Battle in Seattle). What she discovers will test her belief in science, faith and the battle between good and evil.

Special Features

- Director Commentary with Scott Derrickson

- Featurettes

- Genesis of the Story

- Casting of the Movie

- Visual Design

- Deleted Scenes

I Know What You Did Last Summer

In a small fishing town, Julie James (Jennifer Love Hewitt - "The Ghost Whisper" ), Helen Shivers (Sarah Michelle Gellar - Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Southland Tales), Ray Bronson (Freddie Prinze Jr. - Brooklyn Rules, "She's All That") and Barry William Cox (Ryan Philippe - Stop Loss, Crash) are celebrating their last summer together after graduating high school. Their fun screeches to a halt when they accidentally hit a stranger on a dark, winding road. Thinking they killed him, they panic and decide to bury the truth - and the body. One year later, however, a note shows up saying, I Know What You Did Last Summer. When a dark figure wielding a large hook begins to stalk them, the foursome quickly learns that some things don't always stay buried. Consumed with terror, the teens desperately try to figure out who they killed and who this shadowy murderer might be. But the task proves difficult when they start getting picked off in murderous revenge.

Special Features

- Filmmakers' Commentary with Director Jim Gillespie and Editor Steve Mirkovich

- Director's Short Film: Joyride

- Featurette: "Now I Know What You Did Last Summer"

- Music Video: Hush by Kula Shaker

Urban Legend

A group of students at a quaint New England college are taking a class in urban myth and folklore. After class one day they recount urban legends turned deadly, including the alleged murders of 25 students at their own college by a psychology professor. At the forefront of this group is Natalie Simon (Alicia Witt - 88 Minutes, The Upside of Anger), an academically-gifted student who is joined by her best friend Brenda Bates (Rebecca Gayheart - Jawbreaker, Bunny Whipped), party boy Parker Riley (Michael Rosenbaum - Smallville), jokester Damon Brooks (Joshua Jackson - Battle in Seattle, Bobby) and aspiring journalist Paul Gardener (Jared Leto - Requiem for a Dream, Lord of War). Soon after this discussion these friends and their classmates start to be brutally killed and somehow Natalie is connected to every one. Certain dark truths bubble up from Natalie's past and she must use this knowledge in order to stop the violence - before she becomes the subject of her very own urban legend.

Special Features

- Director Commentary

- "Making-of Featurette