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Scaring up some new tricks in The Exorcism of Emily Rose

This Friday, September 9th, Screen Gems (a division of Sony), will be releasing The Exorcism of Emily Rose nationwide. In this horrifying tale, the Catholic Church officially recognized the demonic possession of a 19 year-old college freshman. Told in terrifying flashbacks, The Exorcism of Emily Rose chronicles the haunting trial of the priest accused of negligence resulting in the death of the young girl believed to be possessed. Inspired by true events, the film stars Laura Linney as the lawyer who takes on the task of defending the priest (Tom Wilkinson) who performed the controversial exorcism.

The Exorcism of Emily RoseThis film will no doubt cause it’s share of controversy as well as scares at the box office, but I think this film focuses on something rooted deep within many of us who attend such films. The amazing fascination with exorcism. The mere thought of someone being demonically possessed is probably too much for some to take. Yet, it is films like this that have increasingly gripped our imaginations and reaped bundles at the box office. Another question this brings up is if this material is so disturbing, why do we seek it out? Is it because what we are watching is “only a movie,