Lionsgate is currently working to release The Expendables 2 this summer, which adds genre icon Chuck Norris to an already-legendary lineup of action stars.

While talking about his participation in the project, Chuck Norris dropped a bombshell, saying that he forced the filmmakers to cut out all the foul language. This is to insure that The Expendables 2 will get a PG-13 rating, and that the younger kids will be able to see it.

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Here's what he had to say.

"In The Expendables 2, it had a lot of hard language in there, that would prevent a lot of young people from going to see it. I said, I don't do movies like that. I didn't do them in the past, I didn't do them on my TV series. I said, if you can't cut out all the language, hardcore language, I can't do it. So they did, and they made it a PG-13 film, so kids can go see it."

While we won't hear any naughty words, it seems we do get to see Chuck Norris saving the lives of this star-studded cast throughout The Expendables 2.

"I just finished The Expendables 2. That was a fun movie to do because I keep saving their lives throughout the whole movie, so I'm like the superhero against (Arnold) Schwarzenegger, (Sylvester) Stallone, and Bruce Willis."

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