Although it isn't known when the high-octane action sequel The Expendables 2 will start production, domestic distributors Nu Image/Millennium Films are hoping to shoot some scenes in China, while also partnering with a local distribution company.

Last year, The Expendables earned $32.1 million in China, making it the 10th highest grossing movie of the year. However, Nu Image/Millennium Films only saw less than $1 million of that box office haul, due to China's strict policies on foreign movie importing. The Chinese government hands out 20 revenue-sharing slots per year to foreign movies. The Expendables did not receive one of those slots, forcing the studio to sell the movie to a local distributor for a flat fee. Those revenue-sharing spots usually go to the major studios, and it seems unlikely The Expendables 2 will land one. To counter that policy, Nu Image wants to shoot certain scenes in China, while also brokering a deal with a local studio for distribution.

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Nu Image chief financial officer Trevor Short indicated that scenes must be written into the sequel to be shot in China, which have to be approved by the Chinese government. Sylvester Stallone is writing and starring in The Expendables 2, although it isn't known if he will rework the script for these Chinese scenes, or if another writer will be brought on.

We also reported that Chinese actor Donnie Yen was offered a role in The Expendables 2, which is said to be, "tailor-made" for the Hong Kong action superstar. It isn't known if Donnie Yen has accepted the offer yet, and it is possible that the sequel shooting in China may lure Donnie Yen into the production.