You might think it detrimental to let it all hang loose on a personal website, especially when you're a world-renowned villain. But Jean Vilain doesn't care. He's footloose and fancy free, revealing all of his innermost secrets on a new Tumblr website: Track 'Em, Find 'Em, Kill 'Em.

Here, you can find Jean (Jean-Claude Van Damme) offering up his expertise in throwing grenades, reasoning why he might want to kill off Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone) and The Expendables 2 gang of mercenaries, and heck, he even has room for a nice GIF of Chuck Norris's Lone Wolf.

To go deep inside the life and mind of Jean-Claude Van Damme's Jean Vilain: CLICK HERE

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Here is Jean Vilain's mission statement:

"The Old Ways are dying and Respect must be taught. The Tuition will be blood in the dirt. There is no direct translation of the word "Expendable" in the German language. The word that comes closest is "überflüssig". It means Useless. And what do you do with something useless? You dispose of it. Kill First.

- Jean Vilain"

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