I haven't seen this much controversy over a rating since the R rated Police Academy was followed a year later by the PG-13 rated Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment. Seriously? Mahoney with a PG-13 rating? There go all the blowjob jokes and no more naked Leslie Easterbrook titties for us, a wet T-shirt will have to do . Doesn't Hollywood ever learn from their mistakes? Police Academy was eventually turned into an animated series aimed at 8 year olds. And judging from this new The Expendables 2 poster, Sylvester Stallone's angry old man action franchise, which was specifically made for an older male demographic tired of wussy new-age action heroes like Leonardo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper, is headed in the same direction. A Saturday morning animated series based on The Expendables may not be too far around the corner. Just check out this latest The Expendables 2 poster courtesy of our friends at Joblo.

The Expendables 2 PG-13 Poster