Sylvester Stallone will not be helming The Expendables 2, despite a recent report claiming he will return as the sequel's director. Sylvester Stallone is, though, currently compiling a list of names that he'd like to see take control of this action sequel.

Back in March, a report surfaced that Sylvester Stallone would be stepping down as director of The Expendables 2. Then, earlier this month, a new story revealed that he would actually come back to direct, since his new acting project Headshot had lost director Wayne Kramer. It was believed that Sylvester Stallone was returning to direct The Expendables 2 because Headshot was going into limbo. However, Walter Hill is now directing Headshot, and the project is once again moving forward with Sylvester Stallone and Thomas Jane attached to star.

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David Agosto and Ken Kaufman wrote the screenplay for The Expendables 2, and Bruce Willis will have an expanded role as a "super villain."