Today has been a great day for The Expendables 3 fans! First Lionsgate unleashed an action-packed new trailer featuring Jason Statham's attempts to break Wesley Snipes out of a fast moving train car where the hired killer is being held hostage.

Now we get a huge new banner that brings the entire cast together, including old recruits and new. Sylvester Stallone leads the pack as Barney Ross, along with Jason Statham (Lee Christmas), Jet Li (Yin Yang), Dolph Lundgren (Gunnar Jensen), Terry Crews (Hale Caesar), Randy Couture (Toll Road), Arnold Schwarzenegger (Trench), Harrison Ford (Max Drummer), Wesley Snipes (Surgeon), Antonio Banderas (Rapido), Kelsey Grammer (Bonaparte), Ronda Rouse (Luna), Victor Ortiz (Mars), Glen Powell (Thorn), Kellan Lutz (Smiley) and new bad guy Mel Gibson (Conrad Stonebanks).

Check them out in all their glory, then rewatch the new trailer!

<strong><em>The Expendables 3</em></strong> cast banner

The mercenary group, the Expendables, led by Barney Ross, come face to face with the team's co-founder Conrad Stonebanks. Ross was forced to kill Stonebanks after he became a ruthless arms trader, but Stonebanks survived and has now made it his mission to destroy the Expendables. Ross resorts to recruiting a new and younger generation of Expendables to help the team overcome his old adversary.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange