8-Bit vintage arcade games based on popular movies are all the rage this summer, and the upcoming summer action flick to end all action flicks The Expendables is no exception. A brand new adventure game has been lunched that allows you to be come one of the team, and it debuted this morning on Facebook.

Fans can choose to play as Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone), Lee Christmas (Jason Statham), or Yin Yang (Jet Li) in full 8-bit glory. If you beat the game as Yin Yang, you will unlock the Bonus Mode for a chance to see alternate endings from The Expendables and other exciting Easter eggs!

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If you make it onto the Top 10 All-Time High Scores list, you will receive official The Expendables swag direct from Lionsgate and Break, the makers of this cool new game. To check it out, click HERE!

Play the Expendables 8-Bit Game