Lionsgate is looking to transfer several of its movie properties to the small screen, with possible TV versions of The Expendables, Red, and Step Up coming soon.

Both Red and Step Up are Summit Entertainment properties, which Lionsgate now controls after purchasing Summit back in January. All of these franchises are still viable box office properties, with The Expendables 2 hitting theaters August 17, Red 2 arriving August 2, 2013, and Step Up: Revolution debuting July 27.

Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer listed all three properties' potential for a TV series during a conference call with investors this morning. Nothing is formalized as of yet, but it's clear the studio has a lot more coin to play with after the blockbuster success of The Hunger Games.

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Lionsgate's TV division produces hit shows such as Mad Men, Weeds, and Nurse Jackie.