Sure, most weddings are about love, commitment and starting a lifetime of happiness. Boring! Get ready for a series of weddings that are about much more important things, like impressing your friends, stressing out your family and spending as much money as humanly possible.

These aren't celebrity couples, just average brides and grooms -- at least where "average" means spending $450,000 ... on decor alone.

VH1 gives viewers a behind the scenes look at some of the nation's most extravagant weddings with The Fabulous Life Presents: My Big Fat Fabulous Wedding premiering July 26 at 10:00 PM. From Manhattan to Maui, each episode will follow one couple's wedding planning process and will capture all of the amazing details, tough decisions, and sky-high spending that goes into creating these over the top unions. Whether it's scouring Rodeo Drive for the perfect diamonds or flying in hand-picked flowers from Ecuador, watch in disbelief as their budgets balloon up to one million dollars and beyond.

But The Fab Life Presents: My Big Fat Fabulous Wedding isn't only about money and excess, it's also about the couples' passion for each other ... but mostly about their passion to make their big day memorable no matter what the cost.