2020 was supposed to be the year that the MCU expanded beyond movies into long-form content, with the release of the Disney+ spin-offs for their characters The Falcon, The Winter Soldier, Loki, and Scarlet Witch. Recently, Sebastian Stan opened up about what viewers can expect from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier in terms of the series being a show vs being a movie.

"It felt like both. In a lot of ways, it felt like a movie. What I loved about it was that, tonally, it was very much in the same world that Captain America: The Winter Soldier was, which was one of my favorite experiences that I've ever had, period. So, in a sense, it was grounded and very much in the world as we know it. But, it's also really jam-packed with a lot of massive, massive action scenes mixed with deep focus on character. These characters are getting so much more mileage for all of us to explore them. We can put them in situations that we've never been able to put them in before because you now have six hours as opposed to two."
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The last Avengers movie ended with Steve Rogers passing on the mantle of Captain America to Sam Wilson aka Falcon. The spinoff show will now explore the adventures of Falcon and Bucky Barnes aka the Winter Soldier, played by Sebastian Stan. The actor shed light on his perspective on Steve giving his shield to Sam instead of Bucky.

"Steve is saying to Bucky, 'You're going to go and do that, too. I'm not going to put this thing on you. We're both going to live our lives - the lives that were actually taken from us back in the '40s when we enlisted. So, that's where I felt they were at the end of the movie. I don't think there's a desire or any conflicted thoughts about taking on that mantle. Sam, to me, was always the clear man to take on that mantle for numerous reasons, which also comes with so much more baggage that's going to be explored in the show. I guess you'll have to tune into Disney+ to find out why."

Sam and Bucky first met as enemies in Captain America: Winter Soldier, which is widely considered one of the best MCU movies of all time, and just a top-notch espionage thriller in general. If the upcoming show manages to adhere to the standard set by the movie, Marvel will have another massive success on its hands.

While the show is still a few weeks away from completion, its release date will likely be pushed back, possibly into next year as Marvel reshuffles the release dates for all its major projects. So fans may have to wait a while longer before they get to catch up with The Winter Soldier and the new Captain America. This news comes from The Hollywood Reporter. The topper art comes from @dgalexkovalenko on Instagram.