Marvel has released a new video focusing on U.S. Agent ahead of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier arriving this August. According to Marvel Studios and Disney+, the show will premiere on time, which should come as a relief for Marvel Cinematic Universe devotees who were scared about a possible delay. With everything on schedule, Marvel has decided to give non-comic book readers a brief primer on U.S. Agent, aka John Walker.

A lot of people thought they saw Steve Rogers in the first footage from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier earlier this year. However, Marvel Comics fans were quick to point out that it was actually U.S. Agent, aka John Walker, which provided further excitement for the Disney+ series. In the comics, Walker and Rogers didn't see eye to eye for quite a while. Their conflict evolved over time, and many are wondering how it will affect the upcoming Disney+ series.

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At the conclusion of Avengers: Endgame, Steve Rogers passed the shield down to Falcon, aka Sam Wilson. This could be a big point of contention in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, though specific story details are not yet available. Even a brief look into the show makes it seem like the government is going to want John Walker to take on the mantle, as opposed to Sam Wilson. That has yet to be officially confirmed, but this is where the speculation has been heading since it was revealed that U.S. Agent was going to be involved in the Disney+ series.

It seems that John Walker will be a pretty big element in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, so it might be wise to watch Marvel's video and then do a bit more research before heading into the series. Whatever the case may be, Sam Wilson has been chosen by Steve Rogers to be the new Captain America, which will have a big impact on the Marvel Cinematic Universe side of things. Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige has said more than once that all of the Disney+ shows will factor into the big screen side of things to keep the stories moving and evolving.

In addition to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Disney+ also has the WandaVision series set to premiere this year. As it stands, these shows are still scheduled to premiere on time, even after both shows had to halt productions earlier this year, due to the world's current state of affairs. Not a lot of people are getting back to work at the moment, aside from James Cameron in New Zealand and possibly Matt Reeves in the U.K., so it will be interesting to see when Marvel Studios decides to get back to work. In the meantime, you can check out the U.S. Agent primer video above, thanks to the Marvel Entertainment Twitter account.