Get ready to fall for this film by Tarsem when it hits DVD this September. The Fall will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray on September 9. The standard disc will be priced at $24.96 SRP. The film the stars Lee Pace, Justine Waddell and Catinca Untaru.


From the director of The Cell comes a visually stunning epic fantasy about a bedridden man who entertains a curious little girl by telling her a fantastical story of exotic heroes and far off places which reflects his state of mind. The central story takes place in a remote 1920's hospital where a small girl named Alexandria (Catinca Untaru) is recovering from a severe looking shoulder injury incurred in a fall while trying to pick oranges. One day she happens to meet Roy (Lee Pace) - a stunt or "gag" man for the "flickers" or moving pictures- who seems to have injured himself out of a future in a particularly reckless stunt, even for those times. He is a clearly unhappy man who- through his own carelessness- unwittingly leads Alexandria to believe that he intends to entertain her with a lavish, epic story of exotic heroes and far off places. As the stuntman's health reaches to the point of peril - so does the story he is telling her...with potentially fatal consequences.

Special Features

- Director's Commentary

- Commentary with Lee Pace, Writer/Producer Nico Soultanakis and Writer Dan Gilroy

- Deleted Scenes

- Making Of

- Enhanced Photo Gallery (Blu-Ray ony)

- BD Live enabled (Blu-Ray only)

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