It seems that a high-powered producing team is readying a remake of a 1948 film. Deadline London is reporting that producers Walter Parkes and Laurie McDonald are setting up a remake of The Fallen Idol.

Screenwriter David Farr is writing the reboot to the 1949 film, which was directed by Carol Reed and written by Graham Greene. Parkes and McDonald are developing the film through Studio Canal, which owns the rights to the original film and it was said they would not seek out financing until they have a completed script, director, cast and budget lined up.

The original film told the tale of a young Lon boy who looked up to his family's butler until one day his image of the butler is shattered when he sees the married butler with another woman and also witnesses what could be a murder. Here's an excerpt from the article which describe's the new film's story.

"Parkes is updating the story to present-day India and telling the story through the eyes of an 11-year-old American. The boy's family will live in a large colonial mansion run by the English couple. That way, the world which the boy explores outside the house - drab post-war London in the original - will be much more alluring and potentially dangerous. Making the boy older makes his sexual awakening more potent, Parkes believes. The butler could also be having an affair with a local girl, breaking another taboo. "We thought that the echoes of the class issues depicted in the original short story and film could resonate in contemporary India," Parkes says."

No production schedule was given for the film but we'll be sure to keep you posted with any further updates on this film as soon as we have more information.