With testing currently under way to determine which quartet of actors will be cast as The Fantastic Four, two new contenders have emerged. Emmy Rossum read for the role of Sue Storm on Tuesday, while Christian Cooke read for Ben Grimm.

This new report also indicates that Doctor Doom will be the main villain and that they are seeking an A-list actor for the role. However, in an unusual twist that may upset die-hard comic book fans, the studio may possibly switch genders for the role, casting a female Doctor Doom. Julian McMahon portrayed Dr. Doom in both 2005's Fantastic Four and the sequel, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

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Miles Teller read for the Reed Richards role yesterday, but that's not a surprise since he's been rumored to be in contention since last August. Another early candidate for to play Mr. Fantastic, the leader of this superhero group who can stretch every part of his body, Kit Harington, is no longer in the mix, after he signed on to star in Testament of Youth yesterday.

Kate Mara also tested for the Sue Storm role on Tuesday, but she has been rumored as a candidate for The Invisible Girl, who can also project forcefields along with becoming invisible, since October. Other actresses who had been up for the part but are no longer in the running are Saoirse Ronan and Elizabeth Olsen. Michael B. Jordan is the only actor currently attached to the reboot, portraying Johnny Storm, whose ability to manipulate fire earned him the nickname The Human Torch.

The only other actor to be mentioned for Ben Grimm, who is transformed into a massive creature known as The Thing, besides Christian Cooke is Josh Gad, although the actor denied rumors of his involvement shortly thereafter. It isn't known when we may finally know whom this new version of The Fantastic Four may be. Casting is still ongoing, so we'll keep you posted as soon as more updates come in.

Josh Trank is directing from a script by Simon Kinberg. While no story details have been confirmed by the studio, a recent casting call featured a synopsis that revealed Reed Richards and Ben Grimm gained their powers at a young age, where they become controlled by the government. When their powers mature, they meet the brother-sister due Johnny and Sue Storm. If that plot rundown is true, it appears this reboot is based off the Ultimate Fantastic Four comic book series, instead of the original comics.