Mark Wahlberg has revealed that he only wants to make one sequel to The Fighter, instead of drawing it out into a franchise like the Rocky series. Here's what the actor recently had to say about The Fighter 2.

"I got bit by the bug, and now I'm trying to plant the idea in everyone's head that we should do - not five or six Fighters like Rocky - but one more because the big thing that Micky Ward was famous for was his three epic battles with Arturo Gatti. So we're talking about possibly taking one more run at it."

The actor first revealed his plans for a sequel earlier this month. It seems that the three Arturo Gatti fights would be handled all within one movie. Mark Wahlberg also said most of the cast would likely return.

"Yeah. Everybody had such an amazing experience making the movie that I can't imagine they wouldn't want to go back. But it's still kind in the early stages."

It seems both Micky Ward and his brother Dickie Ward, the real-life inspirations for The Fighter, also want a sequel to happen.

"They're both thrilled by the possibility. I just keep getting the phone calls. From Micky, yeah, saying, 'Make sure you get it done.'"