The Fighting Temptations: Well, Cuba Gooding Jr. has once again picked a project that doesn't seem worthy of his talents. (see Snow Dogs.. wait, don't see it) He is now attached to star in Paramount Pictures/MTV Films' The Fighting Temptations about a hip hop producer who must travel to a small, Southern town and lead a gospel choir to success in order to claim an inheritance. Has there ever been a real life case of someone having to go through ridiculous amounts of lame crap in order to receive an inheritance? I think not... All they need to do to this one is get Whoopi Goldberge to make a nice cameo as an ulta-hip nun/not-nun to give Cuba the change of heart he needs to see that the hip-hop life isn't important, the inheritance isn't important...all that's important is the choir! Yeah!! Aww... I feel warm and fuzzy already.

Good Omens: Ok, here's a movie I'm excited about. Both Johnny Depp and Robin Williams are in talks with Director Terry Gilliam to star in Good Omens which is based on the novel by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. It follows the battle between Heaven and Hell to find the newborn anitchrist after it is misplaced in the hospital. Granted, Depp hasn't had much luck with Hell films. (see The Ninth Gate... wait, don't see it) But, it's Gilliam, and this seems like just the type of story to get the director back to the top of his game. Also, Williams really revels in the darker toned stuff. He looks amazing in both One Hour Photo and Death To Smoochy.

Count me as stoked for this one, especially if these 2 get attached!

Kerouac out!