Summer is heating up fast and with that typically comes the summer blockbuster season. However with most movies being delayed and others going straight to streaming, this summer might look and feel a little bit different. Never fear, because we have plenty of great movies to watch. And if you are a fan of the horror genre, then you are in luck. The Final Ride is set to release July 14 on Digital/VOD. This horror anthology film is bringing something new and a little old to the genre ( but in a good way.)

The trailer was just recently released and it certainly has that Tales From The Crypt or Creepshow vibe. The movie is made up of three different stories or short films that all bring a little something unique to each one. The three tales include one about a ghost of an 80's fitness instructor, a Tattoo that won't stop spreading, and an Uber Driver that picks up her final customer for the night, not knowing what's in store for her on this trip.

The Final Ride stars Keegan Chambers (Age of the Living Dead), Annette Wozniak (Safe House) and Matthew Chisholm (Secret Santa). From the trailer, this horror anthology look like it is very dark and gloomy, it has almost an 80's early 90's vibe to it and seems promising in the weird, gross and creepy department. Which is what you need in a horror film. From the girl trapped in the trunk of a car, to the black Venom style moving tattoo. 

The Final Ride

This Canadian film is written and directed by Mike McMurray and the poster was also designed by him. The poster fits right in with most of the 80's style horror movies that we have all grown to love throughout the years. The trailer gives you enough of the movie without giving anything away. Just enough of a taste of each story while keeping the mystery alive.

Even though July doesn't feel like a horror month, it's nice to see another "tales" movie come out. Something about seeing short stories come to life has always fit well in the genre. Films like Trick or TreatThe ABC's of Death and The Mortuary Collection are some prime examples of great anthologies. Will this be the next great one? We will have to wait until July 14th to find out.