Warner Bros. has acquired the Mitch Albom novel The First Phone Call From Heaven, which was published in November by Harper. The story follows a group of residents in Coldwater, Michigan, who begin receiving phone calls from their loved ones in heaven. Take a look at the trailer for the book released last year, then read on for more information.

The story centers on Sully Harding, a single father and disgraced pilot who returns from prison to find his hometown captivated by this miraculous event, including his young son desperately hoping for a phone call from his late mother. Sully becomes determined to prove that this phenomena is really a hoax.

Denise Di Novi is attached to produce the adaptation for Warner Bros., although the studio has not found a screenwriter at this time.

The project marks the first feature adaptation for Mitch Albom, whose best-selling novels Tuesdays With Morrie and Five People You Meet in Heaven were previously adapted into TV movies.