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Mighty Mouse: Mighty Mouse, who has been defending mice from cats since 1942, is coming to save the day on the big screen. According to Variety, Paramount Pictures has greenlighted a computer animated version of Mighty Mouse for its Nickelodeon banner to produce. It is not yet known if the feature version will keep the cartoon's distinguished operatic style, with dialogue sung rather than spoken. No director is attached to the project yet.

Charlie's Angels: Halo: Director McG recently spoke with E! about the production aspects of making Charlie's Angels: Halo:

"We have the benefit of a much more resolved script this time," he says. "There are a lot of creative people on this picture, and I don't ever want to be that static and that planned-out and that boring, because it takes away from the artistry every day on set."

"What we all wanted to do when we got back together is to make this one decidedly more muscular and more masculine," McG says, "and show that these are girls that can hang with the boys. It's about women succeeding in environments that are traditionally male-driven."

Alexander: Quint over at Ain't It Cool recently took part in an interview with director Baz Luhrmann (Moulin Rogue) where he spoke about Moulin Rouge as well as his involvement with making the Alexander The Great movie:

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BAZ LUHRMANN: These are the realities: I'm committing to it as the first of the epic film I'm going to do. I'm working with Dino (De Laurentiis), we've got the studio being built in Morocco while I'm finishing up on LA BOHEME. In terms of casting, the rumors about Leonardo (DiCaprio) have validity. I can't go into that because we're doing our own construct at the moment, but I'm already clearly working on the story. We will invent a cinematic style and language that is specific to that job at hand. By the very nature of it it's not going to be the same language as we've invented for the musical works.

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BAZ LUHRMANN: You know, I have many epic works that I really want to explore, but I've been fascinated by his character. The thing about Alexander is is that we, you and I, would not be sitting here but for him because essentially you got someone who was trained by the greatest military mind of his time, his father... By the sort of Obi-Wan Kenobi of the Ancient World, which is Aristotle. It's a freak situation. His parents are arguing over him, so he's looking for the approval of his father, but his father dies before he can get that love.{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}It's really just a domestic situation and if they lived in a suburban house it would really be no big deal, but they happened to possess the world. So, in pursuit of that approval of his father, his terrible internal complex becomes an external complex where he just goes beyond the boundaries of the world. He invaded more of the lands better than any general before or after. More extraordinarily, you have to remember that before Alexander the Great... In the same way that perhaps Western Culture is American dominated to a certain degree, and that's no judgment... It was Persian dominated (back then). That's Iraq. The Battle of Gaugamela is exactly in the middle of the No Fly Zone in Iraq.{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}So, interestingly, the moment at which this thing called "western thought" actually started having an influence on the globe was through Alexander the Great. He had this idea... What if all cultures could live under the one banner? What if East and West could live together? For all those reasons it has great potency.

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