The Woods: The boys at FilmJerk have gotten a hold of a copy of the script for M. Night Shyamalan's, The Woods! Take a look!

The film begins with Edward Walker, the leader of the small town of 60 people, intoning ominous words at a dinner: "We came here to start anew. We are grateful for the time we have been given." As hands begin to pass various platters and baskets of food, screams carry through the village from a distant place. It emanates from the woods found on the town's outskirts and soon dies away. Later that same day, a bell tolls from the town's watchtower, which overlooks the woods, reverbrating throughout the area. Each family huddles to their basements and waits for the all-clear signal is given. Once it is sounded, the townspeople resume their lives. But they soon find a smaller piece of livestock brutally killed, its head twisted back and fur fully removed. We soon learn it was killed by what the townfolk call Those We Don't Speak Of, creatures from Covington Woods that have been plaguing the town since the beginning.

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Thanks to 'Chris'