The Woods: The first script review of M. Night Shyamalan's upcoming fantasy thriller, The Woods, is now online over at Ain't It Cool News.

We start in 1897, at the aforementioned funeral of a child. We see his headstone, the inscription, the date of death. And then we see the village, and we meet the villagers, and we see them at dinner, gathered all together, interrupted by the sound of inhuman screams from the nearby woods. The only person not terrified by the sound is Noah (Brody), a retarded boy who seems delighted. Shyamalan introduces the rules of the village to us quickly. Red is the "bad color," the color that attracts "Those We Don't Speak Of." You can't pick a red flower or wear a red garment or own anything red at all. It's forbidden. Likewise, yellow is the "safety color." The border of the woods is painted with yellow. When someone finally is sent into the woods, they're told to wear yellow. Now, Ivy is a blind girl who sees auras, colors around people. You would think that might pay off with the red and yellow motif of the film, that she would be able to ascertain something based on those colors and the clues we're given. And if this really was the work of someone who gave a shit, then I'm sure that would be the case. But if it is fake, then it doesn't really matter if things add up, does it? The worst thing about this is that the build-up to the twist endings (yes, that's right, there are actually THREE big twists in the last twenty pages or so) is fairly dull and routine stuff.

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