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The Amazing Spider-man: In addition, to this morning's early report in Chicago, Ain't It Cool News has gotten their hands on a few more photos from the set as well as their own account of the things happening on set in Chicago!

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A scooper at Superhero Hype has sent in the very first stills from the Chicago set of The Amazing Spider-man!!!

I was at the filming in Chicago on Wednesday. Here are some rather poor pics of the crane/camera setup they were using. They would raise the camera about 160ft. Then let it drop for the point of view of someone falling. I then went over where they were shooting on Wabash. They were filming the "El". Sam was really nice and signed some autographs and took a picture with me. He thanked me for stopping by and said they were looking for extras to fill the scene. He said they'll be filming all week. He confirmed that Ted Raimi will be making an appearance in the next film as well. The guy's a class act.

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Stay tuned...~Brian

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