John Schneider stars as Daniel Wilder, a fisherman in Full Moon Bay. He and all the other fishermen have not caught any fish in weeks. The entire fishing industry of the town is fading fast. All the fish are gone. Little do they know that Hamilton Lux (Armande Assante) is contaminating the water to kill the fishing industry and force the townsfolk to sell their property to him so he can develop a large condo development on the beautiful bay. However, the pollutants have other consequences than just killing the fish. They are causing the sharks to become extremely aggressive. The sharks are swarming in packs, attacking everyone in their sight.

Daniel and his wife (Daryl Hannah) are the only ones who refuse to sell their property, which just happens to be right in the middle of the proposed development. But they remain firm. Daniel knows there is something wrong with the situation, and when they realize there is a grave danger to the population, they enlist the help of his brother, a marine biologist to save the people and undo the harmful reaction to the sharks that the chemicals have caused.

It's a race against time to warn the surfers, swimmers, divers and everyone in the water before the hungry sharks devour them. The only way to stop the sharks and reverse the effects of the toxins is with an electronic pulse gun which basically resets their brains and gets them back to their normal behavior.

Far fetched? Absolutely! But this brings up the subject of what we are doing to our waters, intentionally and unintentionally. Sure, the premise is hoaky and the shark attacks are bloody, to say the least. You could say it's a Jaws for the new generation.

Shark Swarm premiers Sunday May 25 at 9 pm ET/PT on Hallmark Channel.