The latest issue of The Flash from DC Comics made a pretty surprising connection to another beloved franchise. Specifically, it seems the DC universe and Dragon Ball Z exist in the same continuity. Or at least in alternate realities that are accessible via the Speed Force. In any event, the two worlds have been linked together by Barry Allen, and this could mean big things for the future. Or it could just be a fun little tease. The possibilities are potentially limitless.

Warning: spoilers ahead for The Flash #87. The previous issue saw our hero get in quite the scrape with Captain Cold that got ugly, as Flash nearly killed the villain. During the confrontation, Barry Allen unlocked a new power that turned him gold. Certain fans compared this to turning Super Saiyan in Dragon Ball Z. It turns out they were right, as it was called exactly that in the latest issue.

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Barry has trouble controlling his powers after the ordeal, and he's sent to Arkham Asylum alongside Captain Cold. Eventually, a sound gun is used to re-sync Barry Allen with the Speed Force which, to some degree, solves the problem. However, Piper, who helped set things right, issues this grim warning to Flash, which effectively connects the DC universe and Dragon Ball Z together.

"Don't get too excited. This is not an easy fix. Only a temporary one. You're still dangerous. You can live a normal life only if you don't overuse the Speed Force. Any time you do, you run the risk of going Super Saiyan. Hurting yourself, or anyone around you."

This raises quite a few questions about this particular plot thread. Was this just a fun reference for fans? A little throwaway nod to another beloved fandom? Or is this signaling something greater in the future? Did this open the door for a possible The Flash/Dragon Ball Z crossover in the future? While that seems a bit unlikely, it's not totally impossible, given the reference. Here's the official synopsis for The Flash #87.

"'Rogue's Reign' aftermath! Central City is in ruins! The Rogues are on the run! The Speed Force is in chaos-and the Flash's powers make him too dangerous to remain free! But who can bring him in? Plus, a surprise character returns from Barry's past with a grave warning about his future!"

Dragon Ball Z remains one of the most beloved anime of all time. The show originally ran from 1989 to 1996, with nearly 300 episodes produced. It has remained popular around the world thanks to heavy syndication. 15 movies and more than 140 video games have been produced within the franchise continuity as well. Who knows? Maybe in the future, Barry Allen will cross paths with Goku? Stranger things have happened. The Flash #88 is set to arrive on February 12. This news was previously reported by Comic Book Resources.

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