We just found out today from Producer Charles Roven that The Flash feature film is in fact still in the works. David Dobkin will continue writing the screenplay, and casting will being as soon as the writers strike ends. How will this tie into "The Justice League of America" film that was recently put on hold? Here is what producer Charles Roven had to say:

Were does The Flash movie stand?

Charles Roven: There is this strike thing going on. We are hoping it will be settled now that there is a deal with the directors' guild. We have a writer for The Flash. The screenplay has already been started. We have a take that has been developed by David Dobkin.

Do you have someone in mind for The Flash?

Charles Roven: No, we are not ready to cast it yet. We are going to write the script first, and then think about that. We are excited about how we want to make it different from other superhero movies.

How has the film been affected by "The Justice League of America" film that is going on?

Charles Roven: The Justice League movie was definitely creating a complication. To try and figure out how that was ultimately going to work. At the moment, "The Justice League of America" is on pause. One of the amazing things about the film business is that you never know what is going to happen tomorrow. You know? Once the strike ends, we are going to go forward with our script. When we are ready and we have a script that every one likes, we will get it made.

So, no Ryan Reynolds, then?

Charles Roven: Nobody is cast in our movie. There for sure is no cast.

Charles Roven's heist film The Bank Job opens March 7th, 2008.