Back in October, Warner Bros. revealed their massive DC Cinematic Universe slate, which goes all the way up to the year 2020. One of those projects is The Flash, which already has Ezra Miller set to star. Many fans have been wondering if the movie will feature Ezra Miller as Barry Allen, or one of the other incarnations of the title character, such as Wally West. We reported last month that The Lego Movie directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller are providing the story treatment for The Flash, and it's possible that they may direct the superhero adventure as well, but that has yet to be confirmed. Phil Lord recently appeared on the HippoJuice podcast, where he offered an update on The Flash, confirming the story will center on Barry Allen and that it will 'be its own thing' standing apart from The Flash TV series, while still set inside the DC Cinematic Universe.

"We're trying to break a story. It's interesting, because there's a really popular TV show out there, and we're trying to carve out space for the movie that's apart from that. I think we're doing alright. I believe [our Flash] is going to be Barry Allen. It's going to be it's own [thing, apart from the TV show] - we're more trying to stick with the cinematic universe... it really is its own thing, and kind of a stand-alone movie. We're just trying to think of the best story. I think you guys will like it, it's kind of a different take on superhero stuff."
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Many fans thought that, given the popularity of The CW's The Flash, the movie version might go a different route and use other characters who have been the Scarlet Speedster, such as Jay Garrick, Wally West or Bart Allen. However, if the movie version is vastly different than the TV show, two separate versions of Barry Allen could certainly work, especially since we know the DC movie and TV universes won't cross over anytime soon.

Phil Lord and Chris Miller are also developing a Spider-Man Animated Movie for Sony that will hit theaters in 2018, which Phil Lord also offered an update on, saying that both of their superhero projects are "a little bit to the side."

"We're sort of juggling superheroes with the color red in them, that's all we do. We're trying not to confuse their powers or anything, but it does get tricky. But it's the same thing, is there a way to do one of these movies in a new way? That's the exciting thing about it being animated, is it opens up a lot of different possibilities. Chris and I like to carve out spaces where people will let us do what we want. So much of our careers are like 'Oh, no one will bother us while we try to make a 21 Jump Street, because it's such a crazy idea, no one's going to know what to do with it.' So we're doing these things kind of like that. They're part of these huge franchises, but kind of are off a little bit to the side, and that gives us a lot of creative freedom, and that's the thing we love. Hopefully we won't waste that!"

While both The Flash and the Spider-Man Animated Movie will be parts of separate, larger franchises, it seems that Phil Lord and Chris Miller are still being given plenty of creative freedom to create the kinds of movies they want to make. What do you think about Phil Lord's version of The Flash and Spider-Man that are 'a little bit to the side'? Let us know what you think, and you can check out the full podcast with Phil Lord below.