The upcoming The Flash solo movie is shaping up to be the most important project in the DCEU, based on the impact it will have on the future of the franchise. During the DC FanDome event panel for the film, director Andy Muschietti unveiled The Flash costume concept artwork images featuring the scarlet speedster in what he confirmed is going to be a new suit.

"It's Barry Allen's new suit. As you can see, it's more organic, you can see light embedded in it. It's been built by his friend Bruce Wayne this time."
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As Muschietti spoke, a fresh image showed Barry Allen aka The Flash being flanked by Batman. But not the Ben Affleck version. Rather the Michael Keaton version, likely hinting that it will be the older Batman who will be giving Barry a suit upgrade. This would be in keeping with reports that Keaton is set to play the role of a mentor to the current DCEU superheroes, similar to the character of Old Man Bruce from the Batman Beyond series.

There are also echoes of the MCU in the mix, where Tony Stark built the Spider-Man suit for newbie superhero Peter Parker. During a separate panel titled 'Multiverse 101', Jim Lee, Publisher and Chief Creative Officer at DC, confirmed that Ezra Miller's Flash in the upcoming film will take inspiration from another superhero, the Arrowverse version of Flash played by Grant Gustin, when deciding his superhero moniker. Lee spoke about the time the two Flashes met during the Arroverse's Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline, and how that meeting gave Miller's Flash the idea for his superhero name.

"The dialogue had to be vague enough to not create too many expectations but to kind of solidify the fact that this is happening, that these Flashes are both The Flash in different universes AND the cool thing is Ezra's Flash was never named The Flash in the movies. He got his name from meeting Grant['s version of the character] who knew he was The Flash and that's so cool to have that introduction into the canon right? It came together at the last minute and it worked out great."

The fact that The Flash will have such close ties to the Arrowverse as well as Michael Keaton's Batman hints at the significance of the movie with regard to setting up a shared DC reality where all the DC movies and tv shows are all different parts of a unified multiverse, free to crossover or ignore each other as the showrunners see fit. Lead actor Ezra Miller also confirmed his film's importance for the future of the entire DC live-action franchise.

"This film is immensely important. If you look around the DC Universe, we have all of these characters that exist within their own bubbles. We even have multiple iterations of the same story. This movie, by opening that door that Flashpoint did in the comics, all of these stories and characters can start to collide."

This news originated from the epic DC FanDome event that took place over the weekend and included all of the huge upcoming DC movies coming our way in the near future.