Is The Flash still happening? According to its star, the standalone DC adventure is 'absolutely confirmed'. Ezra Miller has been talking about The Flash standalone movie for years now, though not at any fault of his own. The movie has seen plenty of production problems with one director after the next bailing on the project. Last we heard, Ezra Miller was taking the script into his own hands. We're not sure how that panned out, but he says this about his upcoming projects when asked what is next for the actor.

"Well, I'll tell you the ones that I can tell you about, because they're absolutely confirmed. [They] are Fantastic Beasts 3... The Flash movie...I'm making more music with Sons of an Illustrious Father, the band I'm in. And I'm also making some music on my own."
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Fantastic Beasts 3 has also been delayed, as Harry Potter fans weren't down with the previous installment, though Ezra Miller was a noted highlight, and his role of Credence Barebone will be expanded moving forward. The Flash movie is also housed at Warner Bros., and though his DC contract ran out in May after having made a brief blip in Batman V Superman followed by a more extended role in Justice League, many believed the actor was down and out for the count. It was noted earlier in the year that Miller had clashed with directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein over the script, and was penning his own version. We're not sure how that turned out.

The journey of the DC cinematic universe has been a dramatic one, and is now all but in tatters as the past lack of success both critically and financially has led to a departure of the once MCU inspired shared universe and moved more into concentrating on individual characters and their solo outings.

The modern day line-up of DC adapted movies began in 2013 with director Zack Snyder's Man of Steel, a Superman origin story that received a pretty luke-warm critical reception, but would go on to be considered one of the better films in the franchise overall. After putting Snyder in charge of the DC cinematic universe and giving him the power to steer the direction it would go in, this was then followed up with a very misjudged team-up movie in the form of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, a superhero film that was derided by critics, and, despite audiences being much kinder, planted the seeds that perhaps rushing into a large, shared universe was perhaps not the best idea.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice featured the first fleeting glimpse (rather apt) of star Ezra Miller as Barry Allen aka The Flash, as Bruce Wayne watches some badly pixelated security cam footage of the fastest man alive stopping a robbery.

After the equally critically despised Suicide Squad in 2016, DC finally found acclaim in the form of Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman, a wonderful solo debut for the Amazonian princess. sadly , DC followed this short-lived success with 2017's Justice League, unfortunately another critically lambasted jaunt, where audiences were given their first real look at Ezra Miller as The Scarlet Speedster.

Providing the majority of the comic relief, Miller was a polarizing presence, emerging as some people's absolute favourite thing in the movie, whilst others cried desperately for the part to be recast. Nevertheless a solo movie for the character was always on the agenda, with Miller set to pull on the red spandex and continue his somewhat comic accurate comedic schtick.

Since the films conception, and following the financial disappointment of Justice League, The Flash movie has been surrounded by the same drama as the universe in which it is based. Spider-Man: Homecoming duel directors Jonathan Goldstien and John Francis Daley were all set to direct, but it has recently been reported that this is no longer the case. It may in fact be It and It Chapter 2 director Andy Muschietti who takes the reigns and adds his own flare to the proceedings. There were even rumours that The Lego Movie writer and directors Phil Lord and Chirstopher Miller would pen the script for The Flash, but it is now reportedly Bumblebee's Christina Hodson who will taking on this daunting task.

With such confusion behind the scenes, it is no wonder that the fan community often wonder whether The Flash will ever see the light of day, but we now have some semblance of confirmation from the title star himself. Speaking with W Korea, Miller stated that The Flash is "absolutely confirmed" as he listed off his upcoming projects. You can see this for yourself in the video below from ComicBookResources.