The Flash movie is reportedly looking to have Michael Keaton play Thomas Wayne. However, this time around, he's taking on the Flashpoint version of Batman. This has been talked about numerous times, but it was always wild fan speculation and mostly just wishful thinking by everybody who loved what Keaton did with the character. It appears that Warner Bros. and Andres Muschietti are seriously looking to cast Keaton, though, as of this writing, that has not been officially confirmed. If this proves to be true, this is amazing news for comic book fans all over the world.

Michael Keaton first played Bruce Wayne in Tim Burton's Batman over 30 years ago. To many DC fans, Keaton is still the best version of the Dark Knight to ever hit the big screen. When he was originally cast, there were a lot of doubts, but Keaton silenced all critics with his rather intense version of the iconic comic book character. If he ends up in The Flash, it could go on to become the biggest DC movie released thus far, which was something that not a lot of people really saw coming. The actor is reportedly in talks with Warner Bros. as of this writing.

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Andres Muschietti has confirmed that The Flash movie will have Flashpoint elements in it, though it will be different from the comics. With that being said, it will reportedly show a timeline where Bruce and Marth Wayne are killed and Thomas Wayne lives on. This is a role that many expected Jeffrey Dean Morgan to take on, especially since he has teased it numerous times, going as far back as San Diego Comic-Con in 2017. There was even another rumor over the weekend that The Walking Dead star was going to come back and reprise his Thomas Wayne role from Batman v Superman.

With the way that the DC movies have expanded over the years, the Flashpoint storyline would allow a lot of creative freedom, which could make fans really happy. It could also set the stage for the future, even incorporating Robert Pattinson's take on Batman and bringing everything together, thanks to the different timelines. If pulled off in the right way, The Flash could be a major game changer for Warner Bros. and their DC properties, especially with Michael Keaton attached to star as a different version of the Dark Knight.

As for Michael Keaton, one would imagine he'll be addressing these rumors soon, one way or another. The Flash is finally moving forward with director Andres Muschietti and everybody is looking forward to what he has come up with. Keaton as Flashpoint Batman would blow a lot of minds, so let's hope that this ends up happening. Seeing the legendary actor alongside Ezra Miller and Ray Fisher would be pretty awesome, to say the least. The Michael Keaton news was first reported by The Hollywood Reporter.