Michael Keaton has been officially confirmed to reprise his role as Batman in The Flash movie. Director Andres Muschietti did not go into specifics, but did note that Keaton will have a pretty big role in the long-awaited movie. The news comes after it was announced that Ben Affleck will also back in the Batsuit alongside his Justice League co-star Ezra Miller. Two Batmans in one movie may prove to be too much for some DC fans who are ecstatic about the Affleck news.

It was first reported back in June that Michael Keaton was in talks with the studio to play Batman in The Flash. However, it was never officially confirmed until today, when a new interview with Andres Muschietti was released. The director has stated that Keaton will have a "substantial" role in the movie, but declined to give away any other information. With so much DC news dropping this week, one has to wonder what they're going to have left for the FanDome event this weekend.

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Andres Muschietti also noted that Ben Affleck's return as Batman will support some familiarity for The Flash, before getting into Barry Allen's story. While all of this Batman news is exciting, one has to remember that this movie is the first standalone movie for the Scarlet Speedster, not the Caped Crusader. Regardless, it sounds like Muschietti is setting out to make something unlike anything comic book fans have ever seen on the big screen. It also seems like Warner Bros. is starting to open up the DC Universe, with the help of some old collaborators. Even Zack Snyder is working with the studio again after having a bit of a falling out over Justice League.

While Zack Snyder was not able to do reshoots for his upcoming version of Justice League, it is believed that the entire cast, including Ben Affleck, has been available for voiceover work. Affleck and Snyder are good friends who are constantly talking each other up in interviews when the other is brought up. As to how Snyder and Affleck's Batman will relate to Michael Keaton's take, that is unclear, but it adds a whole other dimension to the storyline that Andres Muschietti is working with.

So now the countdown begins for The Flash production. It is unclear at this point in time when that will happen, but we should get some updates soon. Maybe we'll get some more information this weekend during DC FanDome, which kicks off Saturday morning. This all has to be exciting for Flash fans who have watched the movie hang out in development hell for years, watching Wonder Woman, along with Aquaman, The Batman, Joker, in various stages of development and completion. Whatever the case may be, Andres Muschietti is starting to make it seem like The Flash will be more than worth the wait. The Michael Keaton news was confirmed by Muschietti in an interview with Vanity Fair.