Good news Flash fans. We have news out of the DC Movie camp that The Flash movie will start production late this year.....hopefully. This movie has been in the hopper for a long time now. It seems to be taking forever for Flash fans, but at least for now there is the TV show to tie us over. On the big screen The Flash was introduced, briefly in Zack Snyder's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and of course as part of the ensemble film Justice League with Ezra Miller starring as the blurring high speed hero.

The wheels of the Hollywood machine can move slowly, or even go off the rails at a moment's notice. Making a movie ain't easy folks, The Flash being no exception. At one point in time Seth Grahame-Smith and Rick Famuyiwa were on board to direct the film, but, last year, Warner Brothers decided to go with  Spider-Man: Homecoming writers and Game Night directors Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley to take over the reins on the project. We haven't heard anything different so we have to assume that Warner Bros. are happy with the changes and are sticking with their newest choices, forging ahead with the Flash film.

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Fans of the Flash should be excited to see the Flash on screen again as his appearance in Justice League was very well received. Actor Ezra Miller did a great job with the character, so it will be good to see him in a full length feature of his very own. We can only imagine the shenanigans of The Flash at this point though, however last year doing some promo for  Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, Ezra did address the subject of The Flash's long delay in shooting. The star of the new movie seemed very confident when addressing the rumors, saying that no matter how long it takes the movie will be well worth the long wait.

As I said, making a huge blockbuster movie ain't easy. DC is good at it though. Aquaman just pulled in over a Billion dollars, so DC is chomping at the bit to get another of their product on the market. Now if you looking at DC's current slate of movies scheduled to release the same year as The Flash, you see they have three films already planned for release: Matt Reeves' The Batman and the James Gunn reboot of the Suicide Squad and DC Super Pets.

With a schedule like that it is hard to imagine where they will fit the Flash in, but bigger miracles have happened in the movie industry, so we are keeping our fingers crossed. While the principal production will start, supposedly, in November of this year, 2019, we may be looking at an actual release date all the way into 2021. Once the studio gets into filming, with the cast and crew solidly in place, I think the film will move along a bit quicker than expected. It's not unheard of for a studio to start pushing a movie for an earlier release if they think the market is hungry for the product and we have been waiting a long while for The Flash to have his own film. This news comes from Geeks Worldwide.