There have been numerous leaked reveals from the set of The Flash movie in the last month since filming started in the UK on the latest installment to the DC Extended Universe, which sees Barry Allen, played by Ezra Miller, joined by Supergirl (Sasha Calle), and not only Ben Affleck's Batman but also Michael Keaton's caped crusader. While we have seen Keaton on set as an older version of Bruce Wayne, and some sneak peeks of Wayne Manor, we have now seen something that everyone has been waiting for - the batcave and the classic 1989 Batmobile.

The Flash is directed by Andy Muschietti and is based loosely on the Flashpoint story, which is a multiverse tale that has allowed the return of Keaton's Batman, as well as The CW's Flash, to arrive in the movie. We were given a glimpse of Keaton on set almost as soon as filing commenced on the movie, and Muschietti himself has been teasing the return of one of the best loved Batmen in the franchise but posting an image of the Batsuit's logo with dripping blood on it. The newest images however, are not in the least a tease, but a full clear look at the very familiar version of the Batmobile and Batcave.

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The images of the new construction of the recreated Batcave will certainly be a nostalgia trip for those who grew up with Time Burton's Batman movie as the pivotal moment for the Dark Knight's cinema life, and seeing the Batmobile on its rotating platform again is a whole other ball game. There are not many vehicles in the history of cinema that are as iconic as Keaton's Batmobile, and even in comparison to the cars that have been used since in the franchise, this is still one of Batman's top rides.

Michael Keaton first played Batman in the Tim Burton movie that redefined the superhero genre, which had, up until that point , not really lived up to expectations. The Superman movies were one thing, but Batman was dark, gritty and not what people were used to seeing in the likes of the 60s TV series. The sequel, Batman Returns, saw Keaton back in costume, facing off against The Penguin and Catwoman, but many thought the movie pushed the darkness too far, which led to Batman Forever and Batman and Robin almost killing off the franchise due to their effort to make Batman a bright and joyous affair.

Now fans will get to see Keaton back in the role, and with all the teases and the effort going into recreating the world of 1989 Batman, it is clear that Keaton's role is not a simple cameo appearance, and there are now a lot of questions as to just how far reaching the appearance of "old" Bruce Wayne could be. Rumors have already begun suggesting that he could become some kind of Nick Fury type mentor in not just The Flash, but in other DCEU movies of the future. However, it seems likely that will be something we will only find out after the movie arrives in cinemas next year.