It looks like things are once again a little uncertain with The Flash solo movie at Warner Bros. This movie was originally dated for February of this year, but the retooling of the DCEU behind the scenes has led to several delays with the project. However, last year during San Diego Comic-Con the studio revealed that the title of the movie would be Flashpoint, indicating an adaptation of the beloved DC Comics storyline. While this move may very well still be, perhaps loosely, adapting that storyline, it looks like the movie won't be titled Flashpoint anymore.

The news was buried in a report about writer Dan Mazeau being tapped to adapt Ready Player One author Ernest Cline's novel Aramada for the big screen. In THR's report, they say "He worked on the Warner Bros.' Flash movie project when it was titled Flashpoint." So, it seems like the movie, which will see Justice League star Ezra Miller reprise his role as the speedster, is changing its title. But does that also mean the story is changing as well? Borys Kit, who wrote the article, took to Twitter to clarify that this doesn't mean the Flashpoint adaptation isn't happening.

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"I didn't say they weren't adapting Flashpoint. All I said was that it wouldn't be titled Flashpoint. But maybe I've said too much."

The Flash movie has been a revolving door of creatives for several years now and has been a tough cookie to crack for the studio. Recently, Game Night directors Jonathan M. Goldstein and John Francis Daley, who are also credited writers on Spider-Man: Homecoming, were hired to helm the movie. Last year, once Dope director Rick Famuyiwa bailed on the project, Warner Bros. decided to do a page-one rewrite, later announcing, perhaps prematurely, that the movie would be titled Flashpoint.

The idea of Warner Bros. adapting Flashpoint, even loosely, is significant. In the comic book storyline, Barry Allen travels back in time using his super speed in order to try and stop the death of his mother. In doing so, he messes up the timeline, which results in an evil Aquaman and Wonder Woman fighting for control of the Earth, and Bruce Wayne being shot instead of his father, leaving Thomas Wayne to become Batman. Eventually, Allen, with the help of Thomas Wayne, fixes the timeline, but it does sort of reset the DC Universe. Given the problems that the DCEU has faced, this has always been an option for something of a soft reset for the DC universe on screen.

Currently, there's no release date set for The Flash movie, whatever it ends up being titled. The only movies firmly dated are Aquaman, which arrives in December, Shazam, which is filming and comes out next April, and Wonder Woman 2, which will hit theaters in November of 2019. Is Warner Bros. doing yet another heavy rewrite on this thing? Will we see a Flashpoint adaptation at all? So many questions. So few answers. This news comes to us courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter