While Warner Bros. are currently producing a number of DCEU films, it is The Flash that seems to be getting the most attention at the moment. With rumors of crossovers with the TV universe, appearances by various characters from the movie universe and new images of costumes, there has been a lot for fans of the DC franchise in the last few weeks. That seems to be continuing with new images that appear to show Supergirl flying and an unexpected cameo appearance by Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman.

As one of the only Justice League members to not have had a solo outing,The Flash will allow Barry Allen's character to develop more than in his previous appearances in collaborative movies. However, as we already know, Allen's Flash will not be the only hero appearing the movie, with Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck appearing as their respective Batmen and Sahsa Calle appearing as Supergirl. This is where we take out first stop, as a new video taken near the set of the movie, shows what could be Calle, or her stunt double, or even a dummy as it is hard to tell, suspended from a crane and being lowered to the ground.

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While the video tries to zoom in, and does give us a much better look at the Supergirl costume from another angle, there are clearly some bits of movie wizardry to be added. There is no sign of a cape in the shot, and it is expected, like so much else these days, that this effect will be added later with CGI. While director Andy Muschietti shared his close up image of the new Supergirl get up, it is unlikely that will be getting any further official updates for a while, so this kind of long distant, indistinct video is probably the best we can hope for.

One other cameo that has been rumored by some, is Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman, and another new image uploaded to the web has seemingly revealed her "cameo" appearance. The image taken in London, England, which is being used in part as Barry Allen's home of Central City, shows a bus advertising the Central City Children's Fund. It would appear from the photo that the charity is using Wonder Woman as their patron, as her image appears on the side of the bus with the advertisement.

While this is probably not the kind of cameo that many Wonder Woman and Gadot fans were hoping for, it could potentially lead to the actress also appearing in the flesh in the movie in some capacity. With Ben Affleck's Batman already confirmed, it would not be surprising for at least another Justice League member to turn up. With Diana Prince having very little screen time other than in her prequel solo movies, it is hard to tell what she usually gets up to in the modern day, but paying a visit to Central City could easily be on the cards.

With so few images being leaked from the set, we have to just wait patiently for more information on what we can expect from The Flash before it arrives in theaters on November 4, 2022. With such a long time still to go, it is going to be a long wait for DC fans everywhere.